Zoli TOTH is one of the most respected Romanian artists, always pushing boundaries and bringing amazing show concepts

It all goes back to 1997, when Zoli founded the Hans’n’feet percussion quartet. After a few changes of style and formula, SISTEM is finally created in 2000: five professional percussionists playing on metal and plastic barrels and other unconventional music instruments. Since 2002, SISTEM released four albums from which 11 singles became Number One in Romania. SISTEM performed all over the country and abroad and, in 2005, together with Luminita Anghel, the band won the third place at the Eurovision Song Contest.
Zoli is also involved in several “green” causes. He supports projects such as Let’s Do It, Romania!, MaiMultVerde, and WWF. Since 2010 Zoli collaborates with National FM for a radio show named “Ecofrecventa”, offering their listeners short informations on how to protect our nature.
Now, Zoli TOTH focuses on his “one man show ” featuring analogue synths, unconventional percussion instruments, drums, and vibraphone. He is mixing classical, jazz, and electronic music with traditional Romanian rhythms.