Maxine Waters Is A Fashion Icon

Maxine Waters: Democracy Champion By Day, Fashion Icon By Night

Watching the election pan out the way it did was hard for those of us that wanted Hillary Clinton for president. And though we may be bereft of daily HRC cameos — save for her occasional 1:1 replica hermes azap orange wallet womens walks in the woods with Bill — we’re very grateful these days for Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Or, as the Internet has aptly 1:1 replica hermes azap ruby wallet named her, Auntie Maxine (as for that nickname, she “loves it,” by the way). But, as FBI Director James Comey 1:1 replica hermes azap fire orange learned, if you get too close to Madame Maxine, you might get burned. So don’t be a James Comey.If you know anything about anything, and especially Maxine Waters, you know that she could rule the world. Born Maxine Moore Carr, the St. Louis native has devoted nearly half of her life 1:1 replica hermes 30cm birkin bag rouge vif ostrich gold hardware to public service. Waters has worked her way up from a chief deputy to a member of the House of Representatives, and — similar to a certain someone else we know — has been relentlessly slaying with her colorful pantsuits collection while she’s been awing us with her unapologetic approach to politics. For Waters, no color or social injustice is off-limits.But recently, the Congresswoman turned a look that had us, well, to put it lightly — gagging. Waters showed up to the Tax March to protest the withholding of you-know-who’s tax returns in an embroidered denim jacket that was quite the switch-up stylistically for our beloved Maxine. In fact, that very jacket prompted us to check out the history of Auntie Maxine’s style anyway. Ahead, we’ve gathered all the pantsuits that Waters has worn throughout her tenure as our 1:1 replica hermes alfred mens Congress queen, healing the nation one rich man at a time hermes fake handbag, and some (imagined) commentary we think she’d have while donning each getup. Stay woke!Begin Slideshow Go Back

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