Luca Toni

Hmm, Luca Toni. Rings a bell. North London hairdresser? Try Serie A’s top canada goose coat 1000 calorie scorer with 31 goals – the highest number in Italy’s top-flight since 1957.

But he’s just turned 29 – where’s he been best replica canada goose jacket all my life? Playing mediocre football at unfashionable clubs, for the most part. Before helping Palermo to a surprise Uefa Cup berth last season, Toni had spent only three seasons in Serie A, scoring just 24 goals in 75 games.

So what’s changed? No one really knows. In fact, it’s hard to see why Toni ever struggled – he’s tall (6ft 4in), powerful, fast and possesses what many Italian journalists have noted is “un tocco sorprendentemente buon average price for a canada goose jacket per un uomo grande (“a surprisingly good touch for a big man”.) However Toni didn’t find his niche until he moved to Serie B side Palermo in 2003, when he promptly scored 30 goals in a promotion-winning season amazon canada goose parka and hasn’t average cost canada goose jacket looked back.

Good touch for a big buy canada goose jacket australia man, eh? Italy’s answer to Peter Crouch? Hardly. Leaving aside the whole top scorer business like it, there’s also the model good looks and universal popularity. Leading Italian sports journalist Italo Cucci has been caught asking the player for his autograph and fellow hack Lorenzo Zachetti described him as the “ideal boyfriend for Italian girls’. Not that his buy canada goose jacket in canada model girlfriend Marta Cecchetto seems worried: “I knew him when he was a loser,” she proudly notes.

How gracious. He’s surely no Beckham though? Not according to Italian webzine, whose sexiest footballer league table best canada goose jacket womens has the England captain in fourth and Toni way back in 25th (Fabio Cannavaro holds the top spot).

Anything lacking? Only a nickname. can i wash my canada goose coat Past Fiorentina legends Gabriel Batistuta and Kurt Hamrin were canada goose coat 1000 calorie meal plans dubbed Re Leone (King Lion) and Uccellino (Little Bird) respectively, and the fans’ failure to find a similar moniker for Toni prompted a national campaign in sports daily La Gazzetta Dello Sport. Responses have run from Uccellone (Big Bird) to the colourful Giraffa Viola (Purple Giraffe).

Do say: 33-1 for the Golden Boot? Bargain!

Don’t say: Short back and sides, guv’nor.

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