Press reaction: Brazil mourn Neymar loss while Colombia rail at injustice

Newspapers in Brazil and Colombia were united in condemnation for the Spanish referee Carlos Velasco Carballo after their foul-strewn quarter?final, as the hosts mourned the back injury that has ruled the home favourite Neymar out of the remainder of the tournament.

Images of Brazils stricken star filled almost every front page in the host nation, sometimes accompanied by one of the celebrating David Luiz, scorer bu sees a spike in canada goose jacket thefts of the winning goal. Dirio Catarinense created a front page with mastheads at both top and bottom, with a picture of David Luiz filling one half accompanied by the single word alegria C happiness C while when turned upside down a picture of Neymar had the word Tristeza C sadness.

The pain that stopped our joy, read the headline in the Correio Braziliense. Clattered by the knee of buy canada goose parka ottawa the Colombian right-back Juan Z?iga, the best Brazilian attacker is out of the World canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupon Cup. A wave of sadness has invaded the country. For the first time under Felip?os control the Sele??o will play without its star in the No10 shirt, against the strongest team in this tournament: Germany. In 1962 Brazil was deprived of Pels genius, also through injury click over here, but won the title. It is time to repeat the feat.

In the Folha de canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day diet S?o Paulo, the columnist Juca Kfouri wrote: Now the Germans are not only favourites, they are a sure thing. The Brazilian side is the underdog confronting mission impossible. Fans will be hoping for a miracle.

Cowardice deprives the World Cup of Neymar, read the headline in the Rio newspaper Extra. A scream of joy, a deep pain, wrote Correio, alongside pictures of both David Luiz and Neymar, adding Felip?o is furious with the referee, who did not even show a yellow card. Hora included, inset into a large image of a writhing Neymar, the image of Z?iga, with the words Foi ele! C it was him!

The Colombian regional newspaper Diario del Magdalena had perhaps the hardest-hitting front page however, their headline reading Arbitro amazon canada goose parka Espa?ol: buy canada goose jacket ebay hijo de la gran puta madre que te pari (Spanish referee, son of a massive whore, the mother who bore you). The decision to disallow a legitimate goal, scored by Mario Yepes, and to give countless fouls against Colombia decided the match for the buy can you pick the buy canada goose jacket edmonton most expensive canada goose parka canada goose jacket online canada Brazilians, they wrote.

Another Colombian newspaper, Qhubo, led their front page with buy canada goose jacket toronto the single word: Injusticia! Using a picture of a tearful James Rodrguez C his face reflecting the injustice which had befallen him C they also complained about the disallowed goal, writing that Colombia lost at the hands of the referee and a Brazil side that felt their own pain.

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