Fashion brands violate labour laws best canada goose coat for women in eastern Europe, NGO report finds

Adidas, Primark and Zara are among a host of western brands accused of profiting from a supply chain that pays garment workers in eastern Europe and Turkey poverty wages and tramples over their labour rights.

About 3 million workers in countries from Slovakia to Georgia are part of “the cheap-labour sewing backyard for western European fashion brands”, the Clean Clothes Campaign has claimed, in a damning indictment of some of the fashion world’s leading brands, including luxury labels Prada and Hugo Boss.

A largely female workforce stitching designer dresses and tops for big brands are often forced to do unpaid overtime or give up holidays to guarantee their basic salaries, which are well below subsistence levels, according to the NGO.

Bettina Musiolek, a co-author of the report, said the research busted the myth that “Made canada goose coat – buy canada goose jacket online cheap victoria in Europe” means fair C a perception, she said, that had deepened since the Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh.

The group accuses World Cup sponsor Adidas of profiting from the absence of labour rights in Georgia. The German company, which sold 14.5bn of sports kit last year, is alleged to be sourcing clothes from that country, best canada goose coat for women where workers earn just 5 for an eight-hour day. These workers reported intimidating conditions, where they had to ask permission to go the toilet, and were under pressure not to take sick leave.

Adidas said it had “no authorised production in Georgia”. Asked whether it might have unauthorised production, via one best canada goose jacket for skiing of its Turkish contractors, a spokesperson said: “At the Adidas Group, we investigate all complaints we receive and … request the Clean Clothes Campaign to disclose the details about the factories covered by their investigation.”

A spokesperson from Inditex, best canada goose jacket the Spanish retail firm behind Zara, said it too canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet was in touch with CCC, so that it could “investigate the claims and take appropriate measures to address them”.

Researchers found workers being paid less than the minimum wage in four countries, including Bulgaria and Romania, both EU members since 2007. In Bulgaria, where almost half the population live below the poverty line, some full-time garment workers take home 129 a month, well short of the 2013 minimum wage more info, which is 159, and far behind what workers said they needed to have a decent life. In Romania, some full-time workers said they earned 124 a month, 55 short of its minimum wage, 179.

A Romanian worker said:”I tell my boss that sometimes I don’t make the minimum if I don’t come in on Saturdays and he says: ‘Then come in on Saturdays.'”

A seamstress working from home in Bulgaria said she was paid 0.45 for the one-hour job of embroidering one blouse, while the going rate for the equally time-consuming task of stitching beads on an H

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