feds take out bandidos lawyers

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canada goose replica The man told police he was driving when.(Chicago Tribune staff)Someone at the liquor store in the immediate aftermath of the shooting had taken a photo of the two bodies: one whose face is visible, eyes and mouth open; another in blood spattered jeans next to a thick pool of blood. A gun lies on a mat next to racks of pork rinds and bottled water.The photo was posted to social media and spread quickly, attracting a group of people to the sidewalk next to the store’s parking lot.When some police personnel came out of the building, a few bystanders crossed the police tape to approach them.”Where were y’all at?” yelled one man.That’s when someone showed Larson’s mother the photo. Her face crumpled, and she began to cry.Clerks at the store declined to comment Sunday afternoon canada goose replica.

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