Maybelline Predicts The Future 1:1 replica hermes azap fire orange wallet Of Fashion (And The Economy?)

Maybelline Predicts The Future Of Fashion (And The Economy?)

We’re always curious about what a new year will bring (hence our horoscope obsession). While we think we’re pretty good at predicting 1:1 replica hermes azap bougainvillea red womens major trends, we also love being blown away by something completely out of left field, la lip tattoos and wild fascinators.Case in point: Maybelline New York’s totally out-of-the-box 2012 calendar. While they’ve been slowly adding some edge to their looks for a while now, we were so not expecting them to blow the covers off as dramatically as they did. Bold, colorful makeup looks, complete with glitter-coated lips, feathery falsies, and even graphic designs, complement wild click over here, super-sexy ensembles that embody the usual hyperbolic vision of “the future” that fashion always seems to conjure up (a whole lot of metallics, a whole lot of spandex, and 1:1 replica hermes azap gold very few pairs of pants).We’re definitely hoping for more adventurous and colorful makeup trends in 2012, because let’s face it if the world is ending 365 days from now, you wouldn’t want to regret not trying a bold lip or a sultry new shade of shadow, right? And, although we’re trying not to look too much into the editorial shots for other predictions about the future, we’re finding it hard not to at least wonder: Will the economy rebound so 1:1 replica hermes azap black womens resiliently that our window washers, meteorologists, and veterinarians can all 1:1 replica hermes 35 birkin price afford to look ultra-glam every day? Will our crossing guards be stopping traffic with their couture clothes instead of stop signs? Well, we can always hope…

Photo: Courtesy of Maybelline

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