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Next season, apparently, it’s all about the hip. “Trust me, the quite alarming French fashion editor sitting next to me at the Dior show said airily, in a fruitless attempt at illumination. “That’s the only thing to focus on – the hip, and we’ve all got one, non ?” Others, though, have discerned different themes for next spring and summer: “not-perfect ladylike” was one contribution; “the Great Gatsby, but with a 50s vibe” suggested another, and let’s not overlook the “Calamity Jane thing going down, but with 70s wallpaper prints.”

Lovely – if baffling – as these sound, perhaps the biggest trend of all for next season is that there is no real trend at all. Fashion editors might get around this problem by waxing grandiloquent, but high- street fashion retailers have no such easy escape.

Last summer, many designers, in their best ideas about canada goose outlet on pinterest eternal pursuit of the youth market, churned out fluorescent stilettos, bright satin tops and chunky bracelets, all of which were fabulously easy for the high street to copy and these designers, as one PR put it drily, “gave [high street outlet] New Look its best season yet.” This season it’s happening again: why spend a couple of hundred pounds on a Marc Jacobs red miniskirt when you can get one for 30 on Oxford Street?

But next best ideas about canada goose outlet online on pinterest season looks set to be different. Not only is there a lack of best canada goose coat for skiing a definite trend (although I, for one, would dearly love to see the high street attempt to do “Calamity Jane with 70s wallpaper”, but the few that have been picked out aren’t exactly high street-friendly. Pleats and pin tucks are hard to knock off on the cheap, as are the complex prints almost every designer has planned for next season. Journalists may have cooed over Prada’s “vintage-y feel” collection, but a couple of buy canada goose parka uk cardigans pinned with brooches does not exactly translate into a high-street success. Even Marc Jacobs, the trend-friendly designer whose poster high-street retailers probably kiss every night, has opted for delicate silks and chiffon which are not so feasible to carry off in the mass market.

One could argue that this won’t have too negative an effect. Some people might buy a dress in Topshop purely because it bears more about canadagoosecanadaoutlet a remarkable resemblance to something by a designer, but these folk tend to have “fashion assistant” written on their business cards. Most customers will just see it, like it and buy it, wearing it in happy ignorance of catwalk references. Yet the simple reason behind the much vaunted high-street renaissance is that retailers have learned to pick up tricks from designers and adapt them at a cut-price level, thereby elevating the clothes above the old mass-market standard. For example, cutting jeans so they fit more flatteringly around the hip, adding piping around dress seams and pockets, using oversized, colourful buttons – all of these ideas buying canada goose jacket online originated on the catwalks and the high street has learned them well.

Too well, perhaps. Monica Ross, head womenswear buyer at Selfridges, suggests, “We are seeing the designers biting back. It was getting to a point where you couldn’t tell the difference between Topshop and the designers. So for next season, designers are making it more difficult for anyone to copy them. I think this is a good thing. People are now going against the mass-market and returning to luxury. So instead of buying lots of cheaper items, it’s better to buy one Pucci top, one Missoni coat.”

Now, this is all jolly nice in theory, but in practice it is on a par with those nuggets of economic advice fashion magazines love, such as, “Forgo your daily latte for a year and you can best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest afford a Gucci wallet your friends will envy!” (If I gave up my morning coffee I wouldn’t have friends to envy my wallet). Few have the necessary grand and a half to spend on a Missoni coat, and canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupon I, for one, still wouldn’t, no matter how stringently I curtailed my high- street habit.

So without any easy designer guidance, will the high street flail next season like a fashionista in a broken stiletto? When black friday 2013 canada goose sale I asked one fashion editor from a mid-market glossy magazine, whose job verily spins around slotting high-street clothes into neat trend pigeonholes, what she predicted from the high street next season, her eyes filled with so much fear I thought she must have spotted the Blair Witch over my shoulder and she replied, “Can I think about it?” When she saw me later, she scurried away, rabbit-like. Others, though, best place buy canada goose jacket toronto are a little more optimistic.

‘There is a lack of a well-defined trend on the catwalks – the high street will have to pick out key pieces to copy, instead of aiming for whole looks,” suggests Deborah Brett, contributing fashion editor at Harpers

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